A proposal for The Freedom of Migration Act is presented here for public scrutiny. Please do not take even one word at face value; examine my facts and logic. Challenge me, have fun.

Henryk A. Kowalczyk

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Video Presentation of the FMA

Some viewers of this video complained that…
with parallel slides and narration the pace is too fast to follow.
I could redo this video, making it twice as long; then, likely fewer
viewers would have time and patience to watch it. I took a lazy
approach; if you find this video intriguing, but missed something
viewing it the first time, you can always watch the video again.
My apologies. HAK

“Why do we have such a big immigration mess?” The lecture at the Heartland Institute.

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The solution

  • The only way that a foreigner could settle in the USA should be by finding employment here.

  • Private employment agencies should, for a fee, manage the recruitment of foreigners, background checking, issuing ID cards, and keeping record of their employment.

  • During the first 5 years of living in the USA, an alien worker should not be entitled to any social benefits available to citizens and permanent residents.

  • Political refugees and other individuals admitted to the U.S. for humanitarian reasons should be assisted by private charitable organizations to register as alien workers and then follow the same path as all other foreigners settling here.

  • Foreigners which are rich enough to live here without working should be allowed to do so.

  • After staying in the USA for five years, a foreign worker, his or her spouse, or minor children should be entitled to obtain a status of the permanent resident, opening the venue to the citizenship.

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